Irving Slesar Phd

Dreams are the Royal Road to the Unconscious

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                                                           What are Dreams?

I began my career as one of the original investigators of sleep and dream phenomena and co-authored the definitive paper on the factors affecting dream recall. As my career as a therapist evolved I engaged in clinical work at the Country Place, a progressive residential treatment center in Litchfield Connecticut where, under the tutelage of Dr.Renee Nell, a personal student of CG Jung and an expert in Jungian dream analysis. I developed additional therapeutic dream techniques which work even with non-recallers that have proven to be increasingly effective in treating families, individuals, couples and children. I currently have my practice in New  York City . 

My training as a therapist has been comprehensive and has integrated the tools offered by spiritual disciplines and training in Jungian dream analysis.

Three decades of experience have taught me that each of us possesses an inner intelligence that can support our efforts toward a meaningful and productive life. As a therapist I consider myself to be an agent of this positive force ( the dreamer) in the search to uncover the meaning of dreams. This approach bypasses the current fad for categorizing and surface dream interpretation. The dreamer lives on a more fluid and intelligent level.

I have found that my emphasis on supporting what is right in us produces better results than a narrow focus on what is wrong. These methods have enabled individuals to function more successfully, more creatively, and to deepen an understanding of their behavior in their relationships and their work.

I have learned to listen to the whole person.

Areas of Expertise

  • Psychotherapy
  • Dream Workshops

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